With Ditzo you can handle all of your insurance stuff on any device, anywhere, anyhow. Thanks to the redesigned, mobile-first website.
Maybe you want to quickly arrange a traveling insurance while you still have 3G at the boarding gate. Or maybe you’d like to compare health insurance options and show it on your tablet.

It was a pleasure to work with the Wecanbeheroes strategic team that kicked off an ongoing scrum/agile development process together with internal developers.
My role in this scrum environment was to conceptualise, prototype and test the UX for conversion funnels for all insurance products, making it fully responsive – from sticky ‘shopping lists’ to scaling comparison diagrams – while resonating with the overall strategy and ‘flat’ design rationales.
Today the first release was launched and only contains the redesigned funnel for health insurance. More product funnels will be added in following releases.
As a scrum-team we worked our way through user stories. For each user story I was working on some or all following tasks:
- High level sketching of user journeys for early scope definition and requirements gathering.
- Axure Prototyping for form- and validation behaviour
- Adobe Edge Reflow for responsive behaviour
- Adobe InDesign for specifications document

As an overall deliverable, all user stories where assembled as chapters in an overall UX document.
Ditzo made the following video to introduce their new website:
26 Sep 2013

Ditzo – http://www.ditzo.nl

Wecanbeheroes – http://www.wecanbeheroes.nl
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